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Website Hosts

In order for a website you have created to be seen on the internet, you must find and pay a host for that website and the host will then place the website on the internet for you.

You can compare at Hostmarks website the different hosts available and so from there you can determine which host is best suited for your particular needs. The price of the different hosts differ but so does the service they offer and so you should not just blindly go for the cheapest as that may not provide all the service you require.

The amount or size of the website is one factor which will determine the host you want and the number of visitors to your site that you expect will be another. If you are not sure of either of these, a host that offers different levels for each is probably the host for you.

If your website starts at one size but because additional material is added, making it a larger website, you can then upgrade your account with the host instead of otherwise having to change your host.

Likewise if you only expect a small number of visitors to the site but those numbers keep increasing, again you will just want to upgrade your account not change hosts. One of the ways you can ensure that your website gets an increasing number of visitors is to use what is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

These are strategies which when used on a website, increases the number of visitors to them and two of the main strategies are the use of keywords and the use of back links. When someone requests an internet search for something, the search engine scours the internet and provides a list of results but that list can sometimes number in the thousands of websites and so if your website is not near the top of that list, it may never be seen.

By strategically placing keywords in the content on your website, the search engine will quickly be drawn to the website and so the engine will place that website either at the top of its list of results or at least near the top of the list.

This ensures that when someone is searching for something you can provide, yours is one of the first sites they will be guided to. Back linking is the placing of a link to your site, on another website.

With this, any visitor to the host site will have the opportunity to click and visit your website as well. Both these strategies work very well but getting visitors to your website and getting them to stay are two different matters.

In order for a visitor to stay on your website long enough to become a future customer, the website must be of high quality and its content changed or updated at regular intervals, ensuring it does not become boring, forcing visitors ot leave without becoming a customer.