About Us

2WeekMCSE.com was founded January, 1999. Since then, we have helped thousands of students to get certified and to obtain new valuable job skills.

2WeekMCSE.com was founded by our instructor, Jason Berg. Jason loves to teach and really enjoys helping people succeed in their careers. Jason founded 2 Week MCSE because he felt that the personal touch was missing from most training schools, and he wanted to do it better. Because of this connection, we pride ourselves on helping our students to achieve their goals.

Licensed Private School

2 Week MCSE is a private school licensed through the Oregon Department of Education, Public Service Building, 255 Capitol Street NE, Salem, OR 97310.

Why 2WeekMCSE.com?

Our Boot Camp Is Designed For You!

Our entire boot camp courseware is developed specifically for you the student. We have carefully chosen courseware and materials that focus on what you need to know, both to pass the exam and to do your job in the real world. We have carefully created lab exercises so they are easy to understand and they convey exactly what is required to pass the exams.

Our Microsoft instructor’s are Microsoft Certified Trainer’s and hold the MCSE/MCSA certification. All instructors have obtained certification for the courses they teach as well as practical experience. Our founder, Jason Berg, also personally works with all of our instructors to make sure that the content delivered is consistent. We pride ourselves on the quality of instruction. All of our instructor’s have real world experience and spend a certain amount of time each year away from the classroom. Meet our instructors and read more about what makes our instructors the best in the industry!

Student Support

We recognize that we are in business because of our students. We remember each day that you are the reason that we get to do what we love to do and we will do everything in our power to ensure a positive and rewarding boot camp experience.

We take pride in the way that we do things and we take pride in our students. We will go the extra mile to make sure that your experience is an outstanding one and that you achieve your goals. And we will continue to support our students even after they leave our boot camp.

Our instructors frequently receive email from their past students, sometimes sharing experiences and sometimes asking questions. We post these questions and responses for all of our past students to see.

Customized Classes Offered!

We also offer customized training for companies. We have done numerous on site classes for various firms where the courseware and scope of the class was customized for a certain objective. Whether it be a two day XP training class for Help Desk personnel, or an Active Directory Group Policy course for IT personnel, we have the expertise and know how to put together a program that meets your special needs.