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Provide An Anonymous Employee Hotline

If you have the budget for it, you should get your company an anonymous employee hotline. That’s because people in general may not be that open when it comes to saying things to other people. For the people who are working for you to have the confidence to share their thoughts about their workplace without exposing themselves, you could try giving them a number that they could call if ever they would have problems within or about your company. In fact, giving employees the chance to vent out their feelings can be quite productive since it’s therapeutic to let people express themselves and you could avoid having to pay for staff medical fees when your workers won’t have any health problems. Also, you could make your personnel work harder for you when you’d give them the opportunity to be heard. Take note that most if not all people feel better when their concerns are attended to. That’s why, if you could, you should definitely pay a call center company to help you set up a hotline number for employee concerns.

Before getting any hotline, however, make sure that you’d get the services of a company that has qualified professionals on board and that has dealt with companies that have a large number of personnel. That’s because your workers may place harsh anonymous calls and make numerous calls at times when most people would already be resting. Some if not most stressed out people may have problems thinking clearly and they may do things that are beyond normal. To be specific, they may make phone calls past midnight or in the middle of the day. Get the assistance of a call center that can provide you with agents that can hear out the concerns of your workers without responding negatively towards them. You would only be able to improve employee retention and increase the efficiency of your employees when you let them feel better after whatever problems they faced whilst working for you. For you to look for a company that can give you the hotline that you need, you should try looking for employee hotline vendor CMS solutions on the web.

But, even though having a hotline may be advantageous, take note that you should still monitor your employees. Promise them that they would be able to make anonymous calls but limit their chances to use phones because they may abuse their privileges and concentrate on making complaints, suggestions and short talks instead of working. When it’s office hours in your workplace, you should limit and monitor the use of your company phones. That’s so people won’t be tempted to call the hotline most of the time.

Go for a call center group that can provide you with a fully-functional hotline that can receive and process calls for every day of the year since some employees that you have may make phone calls during the days when they’d be absent or on vacation leave. Also, since some of your staff members may know how to speak foreign languages or different dialects, you should also get the services of a company that has multiple language support.